Xavi green lighted Alves to return to Barcelona

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Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez is on the verge of bringing in former player Daniel Alves. The most experience right-back with leadership back at Camp Nou as it is now Free A. The mature agent is less than 40 for two years.

The report by the ‘ Idea Rio Sport ‘ that the fullback Brasserie Italian national. Who just help win the gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. But lost their jobs in the coming months because of the separation of Sao Paulo ‘s jobless no longer being approached by the agency.  

They meet the thirst of the AL West to end career with ‘ Barca ‘ At the same time, it aims to play regularly in the Brazilian national ufabet team set to play the World Cup last year. page

Last Xavi Boss ‘ Azusa A. Rana ‘ agreed to approve the reunion of Dani as well as the club’s approval. As for the quota for players outside the EU, there is no problem as the Brazilian has another Spanish passport.

The intention of the club management would launch Alves week to show the younger generation to practice and demonstrate the professional and enthusiast who want to recover the ‘ Crimson – blue .

 Alves made a name as a legend of the club football with Barcelona during the years 2008-2016 as the head sank down to the Xavi over seven seasons for the Spanish midfielder to move out. the year 2015