The Premier League won’t hold back

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The Premier League won’t hold back. Leicester have been granted permission to postpone Thursday night’s game against Spurs as request. Due to the problem of many players infected with COVID-19

The BBC are reporting that the Premier League have considered a request for permission to postpone the Leicester City game at the King Power Stadium to host Tottenham Hotspur on Thursday. Went out successfully It was announce 7 hours before the event.

The game at the King Power Stadium became the fourth game to be postpone. Due to COVID-19 this week, following Brighton & Hove Albion vs Tottenham Hots. Super on Sunday, Brentford v Manchester United on Tuesday and Burnley v Watford on Wednesday, all for the same reasons.

Leicester manager Brendan Rodgers previously told a pre-match press conference that the club had made a request to the Premier League to postpone the game. because of a severe epidemic in the club which makes it now unable to use up to 9 players.

However, the Premier League initially denied the request. But later changed his mind. Because it is believe that Leicester are backing from Spurs who have faced the same problem before. Until having to postpone the game for two consecutive matches, although Antonio Conte has returned to practice 16 players ready to play