The first 100 matches of “Arteta”

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Nearly two full years as Arsenal manager, Mikel Arteta has made his 100th appearance in charge of the club with many memories and experiences.

Arteta took charge of his 100th game in the Gunners’ 1-0 home win over Watford to secure three crucial points. Ready to lead the team to move up to the 5th of the table and extend the unbeaten record for the 10th consecutive match cut from all items 

The Spaniard took charge at the Emirates Stadium on 22 December. Before making his debut in charge of Bournemouth’s 1-1 draw on Boxing Day. 

Over the past 23 months, Arteta has been through many good and bad events. And faced with the pressure to be fired several times 

The first time in charge of the team The 39-year-old won the FA Cup in 2020 before culminating in the Community Shield title. 

The team’s momentum seemed to have picked up as they kicked off the season with a 3-0 win over Fulham to keep them at the top of the table. But after that, the team lost 8 of 13 matches and dropped to the bottom half of the table. 

Although the team returned to perform well from Boxing Day until the end of the season. But there were many matches that stumbled until the team was only 8th in the table. Unable to grab European tickets. while the football cup did not reach the land of dreams

The reigning FA Cup champions also missed out on the fourth round following their defeat to Southampton.

League Cup knocked out at home in the last eight at the hands of Manchester City.  

While the Europa League’s top hopes for a return to the Champions League trophies also missed out in the semi-finals against Villarreal, the club’s sacked former manager Unai Emery. From the position before the arrival of Arteta

That means Arsenal haven’t been to a European trophy in 25 years, a truly disappointing season.

Fans are demanding the club sack Mikel Arteta. But the club’s board still trusted and funded around £150million last summer, more than any other team in the league.