President Fener poke Ozil to focus on football

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Ali Gok , chairman of Fenerbahce Poke playmaker Mesut Ozil to focus on creating results on the field first. Before acting to drive society through social media Or find a way to trade to get rich when your main job is not complete. Why concentrate on other things?

Mario Silva degree world champion in 2014 , moving a free agent from Arsenal Hill to the city of Istanbul is m . C . The past till now, the race to 24 ufabet games every transaction made four goals and two applications. The sissy is considered low standard.  

The raptors . It’s a look that players aged 33 years old tried as an activity rather than a player. Therefore, the focus should be adjusted to the right point because nowadays there is food available from Fener.  

” Since the start of this season ‘s Joseph T. Mario Silva got the lead, I go against Robin van Persie  (86 shots, 37 goals, six Assyrian cysts)  when he played with us here ,” the. Open your mouth with ‘ Fenerbahce TV.

“ When Ozil wants to play more. I would like to help you concentrate on your own game from now on. Let go of the interest of trading for profit first. He needs to figure out how to get involved with Fenerbahce ” 

” Our coach was trying to throttle the great potential of Mario Silva out they do not have a problem with the media to try to create a point – that ‘s Zeus’s unhappy because of his lack of a consistent enough .” 

Incidentally, in early October . C . Mister , it’s rock , cleared out the relationship between the Old City with trainer Uruguay’s Pereira then once.