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Manchester United coach. The chair is getting really hot. from leading the team to perform poorly especially the last match The opening home defeated rivals Manchester City 0-2, including the memory game before that. who lost to another rival forever like Liverpool With a landslide score of 0-5,  the late form was very worrying.

Amid rumors that Solskjaer is preparing to be fired from the position of manager soon. However the club and the board also confirmed that. They will give the Norwegian coach a chance. take the reins  

During this time. Let’s go back in time. Go back and look at some interesting stats. About the story of the Manchester United manager after the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson, let ‘s see who has the percentage that leads the team to the most wins ?  

having to say Statistics of the team ” Red Devils ” 1,500 games, including all items of Ferguson. It has the highest win rate in the club’s history at 59.67 percent.  

No. 4: Louis van Gallo ( the team won 52.43 percent ) Manchester United coach

Dutch team manager The team of Manchester United during the year 2014-16 , although the team won the FA Cup in his possession , but not enough to continue working. Part of that comes from his team management philosophy. Which focuses on the matter of certainty as the main causing many players who are not logged in had to leave the team quickly

With that being candid and forthright , the atmosphere was tense by his team , ” Red Devils ” of all 103 games, including all items. Can win 54 matches, or accounted for 52.43 percent, is consider the manager with the lowest percentage of wins. Since the end of Sir Alex Ferguson  

No. 3:  David Moyes ( the team won 52.94 percent ) Manchester United coach

Moyes took over at Manchester United after Sir Alex Ferguson in 2013, however, he faced serious difficulties. Both in terms of the performance of playing in the field That can not continue the team that has just won the Premier League. including controlling the players in the dressing room in which the spirit within the team is poor

Many of the senior players did not accept him. In the end, he had only been with the team for less than a season. Was laid off from his position to his team , ” Red Devils ” beat 27 game from the field , 51 games, including all items , representing 52.94 percent , with the championship Dreamland 1 shows that the Community Shield.

No. 2: Ole Gunnar Seoul tea ( the team won 54.49 percent )

Seoul tea as manager of Manchester United, is the longest. Since the era of Sir Alex Ferguson he can take the team to win 91 games out of the airport and all 167 games by a total of 54.49 percent , however, after he was heavily criticized. In terms of playing tactics and arrangements, the result of the competition came out badly.

along with the report that He could no longer control the situation in the dressing room. This work must wait and see. Will he lead the team to turn the situation around? Or fired from their positions, as many expected , remember that his team since December of 2018 , but was unable to lead his team win the championship now. Despite having a superstar overflowing with the team 

No. 1: Cho, Jose Mourinho, the team won 58.33 percent )

Mourinho took the reins in residence ” Old Tampa, FL Ford ” during the years 2016-2018 , he was released in December. After leading the team to a complete defeat against Liverpool , however, he has the best percentage of winning. Since the pin of Fergie’s era To win 84 games out of the course of 144 games, including all items. or equivalent to 58.33 percent

By winning the Europa League , League Cup and Community Shield at the first time , unfortunately, he did not get the support of the players bought much the last place to have a problem with a player. and the team’s board of directors causing to have to wave goodbye to the team unfortunately  Search term : Ole Gunnar Sol ChaManchester Unitedred devilred ghost