Gundogan hopes Kimmich vaccination against coronavirus ends drama

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Germany midfielder Ilkay Gundogan, fed up with team-mate Joshua Kimmich drama. He has refuse to receive a vaccination against COVID-19. And hopes the Bayern Munich star will be vaccinate. Change your mind to settle the matter so that all parties will focus on the football game.

Kim Michelin is one of five members of the camp ‘ Tiger ‘ who refuse to be vaccinate with Thomas Muller, Ben Jacques map of Pavarotti’s, Mishawaka L. Guido Masson’s and Mark’s. Roca

The 26- year-old said he had not been vaccinate. Because he wanted to wait for the results of the study to provide more reliable information about the long-term effects. 

However, as an influential player in the team ‘ Iron Eagle ‘ decision of Kim Michelin makes political parties Fabian Hunt Merkel female prime minister. came in to pick up children and demanded to act as a model for youth in the nation As for the opposition, they raised the issue of human rights to vote in chaos.  

For this reason, Gundogan believes that the drama will end if Joshua allows it to end.  

“ I believe the time will come, the day when ‘ Yo ‘ ( Kimich ) gets vaccinated. You have to think carefully and don’t let such issues affect your future career path. ” said the 31- year- old midfielder who has been diagnose with coronavirus.  

“ I want everyone to stand in front of the mirror and answer their own questions. Whatever you choose to do is to protect yourself and your loved ones in the best way possible. ” 

“ Because there is no compulsory vaccination. Everyone has their own choice. ” 

“ I still remember after being infect with COVID. I had the opportunity to talk to many players and share their experiences. ” 

” The private hearing of others , respecting different opinions and do not want to be judge – wrong .” 

“It ‘s true that in today’s society, there are still many who are not vaccinated. Which is a right to do – so will force footballers to inject How can they behave differently from others when they are part of society? ” 

Currently, Germany has vaccinated at least 1 dose of 69.9% and received the full dose of 67.4%