Flachi released from 12-year ban, returns to football stadium

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Former Fiorentina and Sampdoria striker Francesco Flachi returned to the pitch at the age of 46 after serving a 12-year ban for cocaine use.

Flachi, who has been release from a 12-year ban. Returns to the field with Premier League club Signa. or amateur league. It was the first official football game ufabet since 2010 for the 46-year-old former Fiorentina striker. The striker, who was in his best form at Sampdoria, scored 110 goals in 280 games during eight seasons there. He faced a two-month ban for the first time in 2006 for gambling-related charges in Italian football. It was later ban for cocaine in 2007. The first for two years, leading to La Samp’s decision to terminate his contract.

after acquittal And signing short-term contracts with Empoli and Brescia, Flachi was test for cocaine a second time in 2010 and faced a 12-year ban this time. Ending his career as a professional footballer. Last year, however, Flachi announced he was training with Signa 1914 and planned a return to the field as a footballer. After being release from his ban in January 2022 and at the age of 46. He returned to the field for an official game on February 13.