How Long Does Jail Release Take After Posting Bond?

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Bail bonds give a person a chance at freedom to await their trial after an arrest. If a person fails to post bail, they remain in jail until their scheduled court date, which in some cases takes months or more. Once you post bail, the person who is in jail is released. This prompts the question “how long does jail release take”?

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There is no doubt that you are eager to see your loved one after they’ve been arrested. Whether the incident happened earlier in the day or they’ve been incarcerated for some time already, nothing beats getting a hug and hearing their voice again. You would love for the person to be released as soon as you hand over the money but sadly, things do not work quite that easily.

The process of jail release takes anywhere from 30-minutes to 8 hours, depending on several factors such as the day of the week, the number of arrests that day, etc. It usually takes an hour or less in most situations.  It seems like an eternity but what is important is knowing that your loved one is soon headed out that door.

As much as your bailbonds Vista agent would love to speed up the process, they have no control over this. Do take comfort in the fact that people who use bonding companies like Acme Bail Bonds are released first.

Jail is the last place a person wants to be, even for short periods of time. But when life has other plans, that could very well be the location your loved one finds themselves. Use a bail bond service to free them from the confines of those bars and then patiently await the jail to release them.